Welcome to Pioneer Regional School Corporation

Welcome to Pioneer Regional School Corporation! 

In May of this year, our Board of School Trustees confirmed my appointment as the next superintendent to lead Pioneer Regional Schools beginning July 1, 2017. I was privileged to attended Pioneer Regional Schools from kindergarten through grade 12. As a graduate of Pioneer, I am honored to be chosen for this tremendous leadership opportunity to give back to and serve Pioneer Regional Schools and our community.

The deep commitment and passion for public education in our community and the tremendous community support I remember as a student here at Pioneer is what attracted me to this position. I have a great deal of respect for the many opportunities provided for students and the district’s outstanding reputation for success, with an intentional focus on meeting the diverse needs of our students.

If you visit my office, you will see a large collection of giraffes. I don’t have them just because I like giraffes. There is a deeper meaning behind the giraffes which is associated with educating our youth. There are three links to my philosophy concerning education:

  1. With its long neck, the giraffe is an animal of vision. A vision, mission, and goals are critical to successfully staying current, relevant, and meeting the needs of our students as we prepare them for their future.
  2. The giraffe has the largest heart of any land mammal. That equates to having a big heart for students or being a gentle giant. Building positive relationships with students is the first critical step in meeting their needs.
  3. “Stick out your neck for kids.” We have to be willing to take risks and do everything possible to continually grow and improve as we strive to meet our students’ social, emotional, and educational needs.

I have developed a three-phase plan to ensure a smooth transition in leadership. The following phases are interwoven and will build upon the momentum established for continuous quality improvement by our highly dedicated and competent team of employees, as well as partners in education:

1. Listen and Learn
2. Engage and Empower
3. Synthesize and Strategize

Since June 5th I have had the opportunity to do a lot of listening and learning. I plan to continue this as we move through the school year. I have been fortunate to tour the district and to meet many stakeholders, as well as learn about the district’s programs and initiatives. As part of this process, I would be delighted to meet and/or speak with any community member or group, so please do not hesitate to contact me at grablec@pioneer.k12.in.us.

I am looking forward to engaging with the stakeholders of our community to develop a Strategic Plan that includes Core Values, Vision, Mission, Goals, and Key Strategies to meet those goals in order to build upon the quality educational programming and to prepare our students for life in the 21st century.

We will grow and work together to expand upon a strong foundation and tradition of academic and extra-curricular excellence, and continuous quality improvement!

Charles Grable, Superintendent