Medications given at school must follow our Medication Policy which is mandated by the State and the Pioneer School Board. The complete Medication Policy can be found online or in your student's handbook.

Unfortunately, medications that do not come according to our policy cannot be given at school.

Over the Counter Medications

  1. In the original container with the child's name
  2. Dated, signed note from parent stating:
    1. drug name
    2. dosage & route (must be according to manufacturer's directions)
    3. time to be given (must be according to manufacturer's directions)
    4. Authorization form available here  or within the site document library.

Prescription Medications
  1. Current, original container
  2. Written authorization from doctor AND parent stating:
    1. drug name
    2. dosage & route
    3. time to be given
    4. duration
    5. a change in dosage requires a new order
    6. a discontinued daily medication requires a new order
    7. Authorization form available here or within the site document library.
  • Substances that are not FDA approved, such as food supplements, will not be given at school
  • Written authorization must be filed each school year
  • Only medications that are essential for a student to attend school will be given at school
  • Inhalers are a prescription medication and treated as such
  • Please try to give medications at home if at all possible. A medication ordered for three times daily, in most cases, can be given before school, after school and at bedtime.

Disposal of Medications

A school corporation may not send home with a student medication that is possessed by a school for administration during school hours or at a school function. Medication may only be released to:

  • The student's parent or
  • An individual who is at least 18 years of age and the parent has granted permission (in writing) for the medication to be released to the student.

If you send medication to school, it is your responsibility to pick it up after your student no longer needs to take it. Periodically, medication that is not picked up and remains in the clinic for a length of time will be destroyed.