Chemical Spray Notice
Charles Grable
Thursday, November 02 2017

Chemical Spray Notice

Pioneer Regional School Corp.

Chemical Spray Application OCT. 28TH, 29TH  ,NOV. 4TH, AND  5TH


Proscapes will be on Pioneer Jr. Sr. High School and Pioneer Elementary grounds Saturday  October 28TH , Sunday October 29TH , Saturday November  4TH , and Sunday November  5TH for weed control spray.

Weed control –all none turf areas –fence rows- and turf areas–Amor Tech Threesome Herbicide, Cornerstone 5 Plus Herbicide, and Sure Guard Herbicide

The Threesome Herbicide is for the broadleaves in the turf such as dandelions.  The cornerstone and Sureguard are for the bare ground control around the fences, etc.


If you have any questions please contact Kenny Wheeldon, Maintenance Director 574-721-5645